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MULTIPLEX KITCHENS has been proudly operating and servicing Sydney for over 20 years. We specialise in custom kitchens, kitchen renovations and detailed joinery. We know when it comes to renovating or building you new dream home can be quite stressful and expensive which is why we offer Australian made kitchens to suit all designs and budgets. At MULTIPLEX KITCHENS we can provide full kitchen with our trusted tradies such as plumbers and electricians to help make your renovation less stressful. As we all know the kitchen is the heart of the home where family and friends come together. With MULTIPLEX KITCHENS we can provide a well-designed and functional kitchen which brings the WOW factor to the home. Call us today to book a free consultation with our qualified designer to make your imagination into REALITY!

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Create Stunning Kitchen Designs in Menai

Multiplex Kitchens is a kitchen design expert company that specialises in high-end designer kitchens, storage, and cabinetry in Menai. Designing exceptional custom kitchens to suit your space, we combine beautiful aesthetics with thoughtful functionality to ensure that your new kitchen in Menai not only looks great, but also becomes a place you and your family enjoy spending time in.

Whether it’s a new custom kitchen construction project or a renovation of an existing one, we put a strong emphasis on quality design, precision and careful installation in every project. We use high-quality products to ensure that the kitchen design and finish is stylish, timeless, and functional.

Our one-stop-shop for kitchen design and installation makes getting a new one a breeze.

When you choose Multiplex Kitchens to create your kitchen designs, you can expect us to be completely focused on making the process as easy as possible for you. From the first consultation all the way through to the final completion, we make every effort to make your experience as simple and stress-free as we possibly can.

The fact that kitchen design is one of the few kitchen businesses near Menai that can design, and install a completely custom-designed kitchen from start to finish gives us a significant edge in this area. Having a single business handle everything simplifies your life tremendously, cuts costs, and it is also perfect for project continuity and quality control.

For more information on how we’ll bring your idea to life, whether you’re beginning from scratch or already have finalised drawings and are seeking a contractor, continue reading.

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Step 1: First Consultation

Please give us a call so that we can arrange a meeting with our custom kitchens designer when you’re ready. You may schedule a session with the designers on-site to discuss your ideas and the scope of your project in further detail. We don’t charge anything for this consultation, it’s completely free!

Following the meeting, our custom kitchens designer will send you an email with a description of the suggested kitchen, as well as an estimate of the cost. We are unable to provide more precise pricing at this time due to the fact that the exact specifications of the materials, tops, finishes and other components are yet unknown.

Step 2: Kitchen Design

If our projected price is within your financial range, the next step is to create a new kitchen design for your new kitchen. Our designer will collaborate with you to develop and resolve the design, which may involve providing advice on materials and finishes, doing site inspections and measurements, and sourcing and pricing for materials. It also contains astonishingly lifelike 3D drawings, as well as the final comprehensive 2D drawings for the final product.

Once the design is complete, with all of the materials selected and the layout finished, we can provide you with an actual pricing quote for your custom kitchen project. Upon completion of this process, you will get a written quotation for the fabrication and installation of your custom kitchen design. This figure does not cover the cost of appliances or the services of other professions such as electricians, builders, and plumbers, among others. In the event that you are pleased with the quotation and want us to construct and install your kitchen, we will start the process to design and install your new kitchen.

Step 3: The Designing and Building Process

We can begin designing and installing your new custom kitchen as soon as you approve our quotation. A full project plan is created, and we work closely with the other professional contractors who are involved in your project to ensure that all of the preparatory work, including new kitchen construction, wiring, and plumbing, is done in time for the installation to take place.

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Step 4: The Final Installation

After your kitchen design has been completed, our team of professional installers will create your new kitchen. When the kitchen appliances have been installed and connected, as well as any final adjustments you may have requested, your kitchen is complete and ready for use.

We Help You Create Your Dream Kitchen!

We’ll help you build a timeless & highly custom kitchen that you’ll enjoy for years to come. We’ll do this via great custom design, cutting-edge ideas, and the finest quality finish and features. From the installation of new kitchen installation to remodelling projects, our design team will work with you from idea to completion to help you get the best solution for your home.

The design of our custom kitchens will have you falling completely in love with them.While upgrading your kitchen may seem like a daunting task, we will work with you to understand your specific requirements, ensuring that your new kitchen is the best match for your lifestyle, preferences, and financial constraints.

Are You Contemplating for the Designing of a New Kitchen? We Can Assist You!

Call us now to schedule a free consultation! Take advantage of our offer for a FREE consultation to discuss your kitchen design ideas for a stunning new kitchen with one of our design professionals.

After that, it’s time to meet with our designer, take on board some wonderful ideas, and move your idea to the next level. To schedule an appointment in and around Menai, please contact Multiplex Kitchens at (02) 9721 3059, or send an email toinfo@multiplexkitchens.com.au.

Call us today and let’s get started on bringing your dream kitchen one step closer to being a reality!

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