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MULTIPLEX KITCHENS has been proudly operating and servicing Sydney for over 20 years. We specialise in custom kitchens, kitchen renovations and detailed joinery. We know when it comes to renovating or building you new dream home can be quite stressful and expensive which is why we offer Australian made kitchens to suit all designs and budgets. At MULTIPLEX KITCHENS we can provide full kitchen with our trusted tradies such as plumbers and electricians to help make your renovation less stressful. As we all know the kitchen is the heart of the home where family and friends come together. With MULTIPLEX KITCHENS we can provide a well-designed and functional kitchen which brings the WOW factor to the home. Call us today to book a free consultation with our qualified designer to make your imagination into REALITY!

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Top Rated Kitchen Renovators In North Sydney

Are you considering kitchen renovations or a new kitchen in North Sydney and not sure where to begin because of so many possibilities available? Don’t worry, Multiplex Kitchens is here to help. Having a well-designed new kitchen provides you convenience, comfort, and the pleasure of cooking for your family and friends.

In the case of homeowners in North Sydney who are wanting to sell their home, a kitchen renovation is really important. This is due to the fact that the kitchen is one of the most significant rooms in any home. Not only is this a utilitarian room for food preparation, but it often serves as a gathering place for entertainment and socialising. Because it is one of the sections of a house that receives the most attention, the kitchen may ultimately make or break a home sales transaction. And nowadays, modern kitchens in display houses have been transformed into creative studios, where cutting-edge technology and luxurious elements are combined to unleash the potential of culinary creativity.

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Select the Sort of Kitchen That Best Meets Your Requirements

The kitchen is by far the most often renovated room, owing to the fact that it is also the area that experiences the most amount of wear and tear. Improved functionality and the ability to increase the value of your house are two more reasons to rebuild your kitchen. It doesn’t matter what the purpose is, kitchen renovations may be quite stressful for homeowners if they are not properly planned and completed.

Multiplex Kitchens offers a comprehensive range of kitchen renovations service for residents nearby North Sydney, from the initial design phase through to the completion of your project. Our goods are obtained locally, which means that they have passed stringent international quality standards, ensuring that you get premium-quality outcomes from them.

Our project managers oversee each and every kitchen renovation we do, ensuring that you are involved in the process at every stage of its completion. The whole team, from our designers to our installers, is dedicated to providing you with exceptional craftsmanship and a positive client experience.

As a professional company, we work on both large-scale and small-scale kitchen improvements. Multiplex Kitchens is the best choice if you are wanting to change your cabinets or install appliances during your kitchen renovation. We can also help in completely remodelling or refurbishing an existing kitchen, as well as designing and creating a new kitchen from the ground up.

An Example Of The Types Of Kitchen Renovations We Specialise:

  • Kitchens with a classic feel
  • Kitchens that are contemporary and modern
  • Rustic kitchens and custom kitchens are available


Why Choose Multiplex Kitchens as Your Option?

Most Up-to-date Designing

When designing your kitchen, we utilise the most up-to-date sketching software, which allows you to preview how your new kitchen will appear in 3D before committing to the remodelling.

Free Design Consultations

Before anything gets started, you’ll go through our design process to ensure that you have a clear picture of what you’re getting before committing to the makeover which is why we provide you with FREE design consultation.

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100% Locally Made

All of our kitchens are built in Australia, beginning with the design review and approval while extending through into the production process until it is finished.

Product Guarantee

Our products are designed to perform flawlessly for the duration of life. When we specify the hardware for your kitchen that we believe will last for years to come, we are confident in its quality. In order to provide you with complete peace of mind, every hardware is backed by a product guarantee.

Highly Personalised Build up

We construct everything to your specifications and personal style — our versatility is derived from our adaptable design approach and production — no two kitchens are ever the same!

Please contact us for a FREE Design Consultation!

Get in touch with us immediately to schedule your free consultation with one of our qualified experts. They will assist you in putting your ideal kitchen renovation concepts into action.

Feel free to contact us at (02) 9721 3059 or via email at info@multiplexkitchens.com.au.

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